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02/08/2021 12:00 PM to
02/08/2021 1:00 PM

Sweetwater Collaborative curb cuts webinar

Introduction to Curb cuts- treating stormwater as a resource instead of a nuisance.


A curb cut is a rainwater harvesting feature that allows stormwater to flow into parkways or planting beds in parking lots, instead of running down the street, picking up pollution that ends up in the ocean. Curb cuts allow runoff to be directed into pervious areas and filtered through the soil. They can help to direct, slow, spread and sink stormwater, irrigate water wise plants, and prevent flooding.  For every inch of rainfall, a 10-foot wide paved street will drain 27,800 gallons of rainfall per mile. This water could be directed to help irrigate street trees and other plants in parkways. Learn more about Sweetwater Collaborative: sweetwatercollaborative.org

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