WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest

The current drought conditions are forcing many agencies to focus their staff resources on other priorities. As a result, most water purveyors decided not to participate in a Water Wise Garden Recognition Contest in 2014. Only the Carpinteria Valley Water District  implemented the contest this year.  We realize that many gardens, even water wise gardens, are being stressed by the drought conditions, and we thank you for your efforts to ensure water efficient landscapes.  Likewise, we greatly appreciate your interest in this contest.

Many excellent WaterWise gardens entered this year's contest, and the winner has a truly outstanding WaterWise garden. Congratulations to the Taylors!

2014 Contest Winner

 Taylor_WaterWise 2014 Stone

Jim and Tanya Taylor's WaterWise garden won 1st place for the 2014 WaterWise Garden Recognition Contest, held in Carpinteria by the Carpinteria Valley Water District. 



Before and after pictures of the 1950 bungalow in the Concha Loma neighborhood, a year and a half after planting. An expanse of Bermuda grass was replaced with gravel paths and hillocks, planted with a casual mix of low maintenance and water wise grasses, succulents, bushes and fruit trees.



Taylor3 Taylor4
  Taylor5   Taylor7



A bucket is used in the shower to capture the initial cold water in the plumbing lines. This water is then deposited into one of many "drip buckets" spread throughout the landscape, which offers plants a slow soaking.